I've always had oily skin. It was the bane of my existence from high school all throughout my 20's. I've never really appreciated moisturizers until I've discovered non-comedogenic moisturizers.

I've always had the impression that moisturizers are only for dry skin and that as a person with oily skin, I don't really need it. Boy, was I so wrong. :(

Oil and water are NOT the same and it also decidedly has different effects on the skin. And if your skin is congested with oil AND dehydrated at the same time, it's a recipe for disaster.

Non-comedogenic moisturizers has ingredients that don't clog pores whilst providing the necessary moisture for your skin. I think its one of the main reasons I have such saggy skin (that and a misadventure with fake honey masks--story for another time.)

Now that I'm no longer oily but dry thanks to Isotretinoin, I now have a whole arsenal of brands on my vanity. My favorites include Physiogel Calming AI cream, VMV Hypoallergenics Hydra Balance, CosRx's Galactomytes 95 Whitening Power Essence, and Celeteque's Brightening Moisturizer. (whew!)

I used to be experimental with my skincare but now I'm pretty much settled with these brands.
If you have any suggestions for moisturizers, (non-comedogenic of course!) feel free to chime in!


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